Weldwerks Brewing Co.

Weldwerks Brewing Co.

Weldwerks Brewing Co. has emerged as a shining star in the craft beer industry, captivating enthusiasts with their commitment to quality, innovation, and community engagement. Founded in 2015 in Greeley, Colorado, Weldwerks has swiftly risen to prominence, gaining recognition for their exceptional beers and imaginative brewing techniques.

Weldwerks Brewing Co. was born from the shared passion for brewing of founders Neil Fisher and Colin Jones. Inspired by their home-brewing experiences and fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit, the duo embarked on a journey to create a brewery that would push the boundaries of beer craftsmanship. From its humble beginnings, Weldwerks has grown into a major player in the craft beer industry, gaining recognition for its bold and inventive brewing techniques. The brewery's mission is to push the boundaries of beer craftsmanship and create unforgettable drinking experiences for beer enthusiasts.

Weldwerks creates fascinating beers using their mantra of ‘dialed-in’ beer. Following this mantra and its philosophy, Weldwerks strives to brew expertly-crafted and world-class beers. Therefore Weldwerks is always looking for improvements and never stops learning and researching. Moreover, batches not meeting the high standards of Weldwerks will get dumped to ensure the highest quality.

At the heart of Weldwerks' success are its exceptional beers. Their flagship offering, Juicy Bits, has garnered a cult-like following for its intensely fruity and aromatic hazy IPA profile. Medianoche, the brewery's barrel-aged imperial stout series, showcases their expertise in crafting complex, bold, and indulgent beers. With each release, Weldwerks captures the attention and taste buds of beer enthusiasts who eagerly anticipate the next iteration.

Beyond brewing exceptional beers, Weldwerks places a strong emphasis on community engagement. They actively collaborate with other breweries, host events, and participate in local charitable initiatives. This dedication to fostering a sense of community has endeared them to beer enthusiasts and locals alike.

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