RAR Brewing

RAR Brewing

In the world of craft brewing, where innovation and creativity flourish, RAR (ReAleRevival) Brewing has emerged as a distinguished name known for its exceptional beers. Located in Cambridge, Maryland, RAR Brewing has garnered a dedicated following by consistently producing unique and flavourful brews. With a commitment to quality, passion for their craft, and an unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of brewing, RAR Brewing has earned a well-deserved reputation as a leader in the craft beer industry.

RAR Brewing was founded in 2013 by two childhood friends, Chris Brohawn and J.T. Merryweather, who shared a deep appreciation for beer and a dream of creating their own brewery. Drawing inspiration from their experiences, travels, and a desire to offer something extraordinary to beer enthusiasts, they set out on their journey to establish RAR Brewing. Together with brewmaster Randy Mills, who joined the team shortly after, RAR brewing started brewing innovative and unexpected masterpieces.

From the outset, RAR Brewing aimed to redefine the concept of craft beer by embracing innovation, meticulous brewing techniques, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. With a focus on both classic styles and cutting-edge experimentation, RAR Brewing has consistently delighted beer lovers with its diverse and impressive lineup of brews.

RAR Brewing's commitment to craftsmanship and quality is evident in every aspect of their brewing process. They source only the finest ingredients, working closely with local farmers and suppliers to ensure the freshest and highest quality malt, hops, and yeast are used. This meticulous attention to detail results in beers that are bursting with unique flavours and aromas. The brewery's dedication to precision extends to their brewing techniques. RAR Brewing employs a blend of traditional and modern methods, combining time-honoured brewing practices with innovative approaches. This careful balance allows them to create beers that pay homage to traditional styles while adding their own distinctive twist.

RAR Brewing's success can be attributed, in large part, to their fearless approach to experimentation. The brewery's lineup features an ever-changing roster of limited releases and seasonal brews that showcase their innovative spirit and commitment to pushing the boundaries of flavour. One series of beers resulting from these experiments is the “Out of Order” series, containing unique and surprising brews such as “Blue Milk” and “ Dole Whipped”.

Whether it's exploring new hop combinations, experimenting with barrel aging, or incorporating unique ingredients, RAR Brewing consistently surprises and captivates beer enthusiasts with their imaginative creations. From hazy IPAs bursting with tropical fruit flavours to rich and complex stouts aged in bourbon barrels, each beer is a testament to the brewery's creativity and willingness to take risks.

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