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Bereta Brewing Co. Bereta Brewing Co. has established itself as a trailblazer in Romania's craft beer industry. Adrian Biebel and Silviu Burtă, both avid home brewers, joined forces in 2016 to establish Bereta Brewing. With a passion for brewing and a commitment to pushing boundaries, they have created a brewery that is synonymous with bold flavours, collaborations, and community engagement. Using innovation and creativity the gipsy brewery, a brewery without a brewing facility, has evolved into a respected brewery producing award-winning beers.

At Bereta Brewing Co., innovation and creativity are at the heart of their brewing philosophy. They constantly strive to push the limits of traditional beer styles, experimenting with unique flavours, and using unconventional brewing techniques. This dedication to innovation has resulted in a portfolio of beers that excite and captivate beer enthusiasts across Romania and the rest of the world.

Bereta Brewing Co. values collaboration and actively engages with other breweries to create exceptional beers. They have collaborated with renowned breweries in the Romanian craft beer scene, such as Wicked Barrel and Hop Hooligans, to produce unique and exciting brews that showcase the best of each brewery's expertise and creativity. These collaborations not only result in exceptional beers but also foster a sense of camaraderie within the craft beer community.

Bereta Brewing Co. has emerged as a driving force in Romania's craft beer scene, captivating beer enthusiasts with their innovative and exceptional brews. Through their commitment to pushing boundaries, collaborating with other breweries, embracing the craft beer community, and prioritizing quality and sustainability, Bereta Brewing Co. has positioned itself as a brewery that exemplifies the spirit of creativity and excellence in craft beer. As they continue to brew and innovate, their influence and contribution to Romania's craft beer landscape are set to grow even further.


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